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Our hospital successfully passed the national engineering survey and geotechnical industry "integrity unit" review

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Recently, the China Survey and Design Association issued the "Notice on the publication of the first batch of the second batch of "integrity units" for the re-evaluation and review of the results of the engineering survey and geotechnical industry" (Zhongdian Xiezi [2017] No. 29), in line with the "National The list of units for the conditions of engineering survey and the integrity of the geotechnical industry was publicized, and our hospital is on the list.

A total of 10 enterprises in Shandong Province successfully passed the first batch of re-evaluation review, this time successfully passed the re-evaluation, marking that our hospital continues to be in the forefront of the industry in the construction of corporate credit system, regulating market behavior and maintaining market order. The recognition of production and management work and the recognition of the company's good reputation are of great significance to further promote the construction of corporate credit system, enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

For a long time, our hospital has adhered to the quality policy of “Quality First, Customer Supreme, Technology Leading, Pioneering and Innovative”, “Environmental awareness, depicting ecological blueprints, building green transportation, achieving harmony and naturalness” and “care for life,” Focusing on health, safety first, prevention-oriented occupational health and safety policy, constantly improving survey and design methods, improving service levels, establishing a good reputation and brand, won the unanimous praise and recognition of the industry.

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